Grin & Bear It 5K Run/Walk

Benefiting the Patient Assistance Fund at Cass Regional Medical Center

 The Patient Assistance Fund is used to assist disadvantaged patients with specific needs they have related to their care, such as medicine, home care supplies and transportation. Many patients who come to Cass Regional Medical Center are in need of financial help and we do our best to aid them. Frequently, patients do not even have someone to transport them home from the hospital, let alone resources to pay for the medicines or health care supplies they'll need after they go home. Since 2005, the fund has provided over $48,000 in support to more than 850 patients.

The Grin & Bear It Run is organized in memory of Cara Jo Roberts, a young wife and mother from Harrisonville who died in 2008. Cara's nickname was "Care Bear," which is how the event got its name.